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The FANOSA Prestressed Joist is a high quality product for the construction of roof or mezzanine slabs with the well-known Joist-Bovedilla system. The joist is the load-bearing element of this system and has a resistance that allows covering larger spans without increasing the cant and with less use of formwork.

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Structural element composed of a steel reinforcement and a concrete slab in its lower part and along its entire length. Its skate serves as support for the vaults and as formwork when casting the slab. The joist is the most important part of the joist-vault slab system, since it is responsible for providing strength to the structure.


These are some of the main advantages of our
Prestressed and Open Web Joist


High quality

Lower volume in

Elimination of
additional reinforcement

Savings in steel

Quick and easy to

Savings in the formwork
contact up to

Compatibility with
other systems

Savings in time
of construction


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Gallery of works

From a bedroom to an entire industrial warehouse, the works made with Casetón can be so different that we put together a gallery with some of them.

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