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Used to build roofs, interior and exterior walls, inner ceilings and facades using the best materials available.


Maximizes utility efficiencies throughout your projects life cycle with this pre-fabricated wall system.


The best option to build walls and slabs with high thermal resistance rigid elements.


Used as fillers for applications where increased ground stability is required. Ideal material for embankment applications.



About Us

FANOSA®, a leading company in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products in Mexico. We offer unmatched quality products that meet the highest standards worldwide. Our efforts are focused on the construction market, molded and cut industrial packaging, agricultural and fishery packaging, and the domestic sector.

Our group works to always be in the vanguard in the market areas that lend themselves, besides being in the constant search of new uses for expanded polystyrene (EPS). We have a fleet of our own transportation that helps us develop an efficient distribution network throughout central and northern Mexico, as well as the Southwest of the United States, delivering on time is one of our best strengths.

Thanks to its thermo-mechanical characteristics, our products are in great demand, since expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the ideal material for insulation and protection; As well as improving traditional construction methods and systems.

In every manufactured product we put our experience, advanced engineering and high technology. The quality in our products has always been our goal and the proofs of this are the certifications that support us.


FANOSA®, founded more than 50 years ago, distinguished by its concern for people and their integral development, the environment and its community. Social responsibility is part of FANOSA, which is reflected in employees, customers and suppliers as well as in the relations with the communities where we have presence.

Our Products

For Construction, Agriculture, Industrial and even Household, our products are made with the best quality EPS. See products

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